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Medical equipment - Bonon General Hospital

September 8, 2023

Action For Africa is committed to improving health facilities at the General Hospital in Bonon, Côte d'Ivoire. We are looking to solve problems with access to clean water, provide generators, and build new buildings for emergencies and medical consultations. Join our action now!

Details of the action

Publication Date | March 01, 2023

Willpower at the service of solidarity.

  • Organization : Bonon General Hospital
  • Objective : Improvement of health facilities | Medical equipment donations
  • Location : Bonon, City located in the center west of Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa
  • The needs :
    • Construction of the damaged drinking water well = $8,200
    • Construction of Emergency Buildings = $35,000
    • Construction of the hospital building = $27,500
    • Construction of the Office Building = $11,000
    • Ambulance = $50,000
    • 50 hospital beds = $50,000
    • Construction of a dental office + Dental chair = $75,000
    • Operating room: $110,000
    • Construction of the pharmacy + equipment = $60,000
    • Generators in case of a power outage = $1,200
    • Space widely available to build several other buildings (1200m²*10)

hopital bonon entrée
Action For Africa visit to Bonon Hospital

Bonon General Hospital faces several major challenges that limit its ability to provide adequate medical care. One of the critical issues is access to clean water, as the existing borehole is out of service. We are working to remedy this situation by working with water supply experts to restore access to clean water in the health center.

Action For Africa is committed to solving the problems this facility faces and to providing quality health care to the community.


espace disponible hopital bonon

We are also aware of the problems of electricity shortages that can put medical care at risk. To ensure that the hospital operates uninterrupted, we seek to provide generators that can be used in the event of power outages.


In addition, we are committed to improving hospital facilities by constructing new buildings for emergencies, medical consultations, and administrative offices. These new infrastructures will better meet the medical needs of the community and ensure quality care.


Your support is vital to make these critical improvements. You can contribute financially, offer medical equipment, or contribute your expertise in the construction and management of medical facilities.

Forage - hôpital bonon
Water drilling - Bonon Hospital

Together, we can transform Bonon General Hospital into a modern and well-equipped health center that meets the needs of the population. Join Action For Africa now and be a part of this initiative to improve healthcare in Côte d'Ivoire.

Hôpital Bonon espace a construire
Hôpital Bonon 3

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Medical equipment - Bonon General Hospital

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