Our dream:
One Humanitarian district present in each of the 54 African countries

Built on an area of at least 2,000 km², the reception area will be reserved for people in difficulty and will offer a variety of humanitarian services:

A humanitarian hospital
An orphanage
A food bank
Specialized schools for sick children, children with physical and mental disabilities, the dumb, the hard of hearing, the blind,
Career center
Homes for the homeless
These Humanitarian Districts will serve as essential support places for the most vulnerable people.

Quartier Humanitaire
Construction école en Afrique


One village = one school

Basic education is essential for the development of individuals and societies, but many children in Africa do not have access to quality education.

We firmly believe that education is a powerful lever for the development of communities. As part of our initiative, we are committed to building a school in each village, thus providing equitable access to quality education for children in these regions.
These schools will be equipped with modern teaching resources adapted to the specific needs of each community.

construction Dispensaire


Equipped health center

Access to health care is a major concern in Africa, with many individuals and communities lacking access to essential medical services.

Health is a fundamental right, and we aim to ensure access to quality health care for all. With this in mind, we are undertaking the construction and equipment of a health center in each village.

These health centers are equipped with modern facilities such as an ambulance, an operating room, equipment such as scanners, wheelchairs...

Ambulance equipment medical


Training Center - Trades

We believe in the power of economic empowerment to transform lives. Thus, we are committed to establishing a Career Center in each region, offering training and direct employment opportunities to people who are illiterate or do not have degrees.

In addition, we are working to create an industrial zone and a business center in order to stimulate local economic development and promote entrepreneurship within communities.





African Philanthropy Forum

To strengthen philanthropic efforts in Africa, we organize the African Philanthropy Forum every year.

This event brings together key actors in philanthropy, policy makers and experts from different countries on the continent.

The Forum provides a unique platform for sharing best practices, discussing challenges and opportunities, and establishing partnerships to catalyze positive impact on African communities.

Diner gala action For Africa


Charity Gala Dinner

In order to mobilize the necessary resources to support our major projects, we organize a prestigious Gala Dinner every year.

To maximize the participation of donors from around the world, this event is organized outside Africa, in a European, Asian or American country.

This Gala Dinner offers a unique opportunity to connect with philanthropists, socially responsible businesses, and other key players committed to our common cause.

Upcoming dates


Social network dedicated exclusively to philanthropy

In order to strengthen the collaboration and effectiveness of philanthropy actors, we have developed a social network dedicated to this purpose.

The website and the mobile application offer an interactive platform where philanthropy actors (NGOs, Foundations, donors, companies...) can connect, exchange ideas, share information on humanitarian causes and act together more effectively.

This social network aims to promote cooperation, synergy and the exchange of best practices within the philanthropic community in Africa and beyond.

Project Details
Reseau social de la philanthropie