Breeding Family

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Our Story
My wife Selloane went home to Lesotho for the occasion of her sister's funeral. Our intention was for her to take 7 weeks away from our home in Bellingham .  Upon arriving back at home (in Lesotho ), Selloane found that the children of her deceased sister were left alone.  They were in a house that was no longer a home--no parents, no food, no extended family to support and care for them, no one to love them.

Needless to say, my wife's heart was ripped open as 9-year old Patricia clung to her and looked to her for help.  First things first, she went to the local shop and fed them.  Knowing the culture in Lesotho , I had assumed that these children would be absorbed into the extended family and cared for with whatever means were available.  My ideas about what would happen so my wife could return to us -- was not happening.  When Selloane voiced her concerns for her niece and nephews, I immediately threw up a wall of resistance.  I tried to say no!  I really did.  But, Selloane was there.  She saw the reality of their situation and she was crying for these children.

I prayed.  I prayed some more.  I looked at Jesus on the cross.  My heart began to rend, to pitch and yawl on the swells of love coming from my wife across the ocean and then the waves of God's love came crashing down upon me from that cross.

It was clear to me that Selloane had not gone to Lesotho to attend a funeral, but rather to attend to God's children--Khethollo Phillip 12, Karabo Patricia 9, Boitumelo David 7, and Rethabile Alex 6.

And then I cried.  And I prayed.  I told God that my life was finally turning into something like what I had wanted. He told me that my life had indeed turned a corner, but that he had much bigger plans for me than I had for myself.  Then I cried some more.  I told him that we just couldn't afford to make this happen.  Then I told him that our house was too small.  He told me that my little house is a palace compared to what these children have known.

I talked to Selloane again the next day and I drew strength from her strength, love from her love, determination from her determination.  We both know what the lives of these children will be if we turn away.  But more importantly, we both know that turning away is not an option.  God's love for us is alive and very real and we are called to love and to submit ourselves to His Will.  These are our nephews and niece and we are excited to be their new parents.