About Us

Action For Africa 2011 from Veritas Media Productions on Vimeo.

Action for Africa is a lifeline partnership between people in Whatcom County, WA and children, families and communities suffering from extreme poverty in Lesotho, Africa.  We aim to build relationships through listening, learning and working together so people can move from extreme poverty to sustainable livelihoods.  We do this by providing access to clean water, adequate farming practices, access to basic health care and education and access to economic development tools.

  • Our vision for children, families and communities in Lesotho, life in all its fullness...
  • Our vision for students, families and organizations in Whatcom County, the fulfillment that comes through partnering with Africans as they move from extreme poverty to sustainable livelihoods.

Core Values
  • Our Reason – we are motivated by the love of Jesus Christ, who expressed deep care for widows, orphans and the poor.  Moved by his example, we desire to show compassion and justice to those who are most vulnerable and live in difficult situations.
  • Community – we don’t work alone, but in relationship with each other, both in Whatcom County and in Lesotho.
  • Sustainability – solutions to poverty require integrated interventions involving water, food security, healthcare, education and economic development – all rooted on spiritual strength.
  • Humility – we can learn as much about fullness of life from the poor – as they can learn from us.  
  • Partnership – rather than “re-invent the wheel”, when possible we partner with World Vision, a proven leader in sustainable community development.
  • Non-exclusivity – we seek to serve the poor, regardless of race, creed, gender or age.

    Why Lesotho?
    Lesotho is a small, single-tribe  nation in extreme poverty and has one of the highest incident levels (32%) of  HIV/Aids in the world.  The HIV/Aids Pandemic leaves children orphaned and  vulnverable to dangers we would never accept for our own children.  Sustainable solutions are available, if only we have the will to work alongside these amazing people to help them turn their communities around.

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