Monday, October 1, 2012

Breeding Family Update - 3 years

Dear A4A Family,

It has been 3 years since my sister-in-law died and we decided to adopt her four youngest children.  My wife, Selloane, and I never forget the impact that all of you had in our journey to bring these children into our lives.  When you all decided to help us in 2009, and helped raise well over $50,000 to go toward the expenses related to our endeavor, you made these children forever a part of your own lives as well.  

I am constantly asked, "How's the family?"  It is a question that many of you are sometimes sorry you asked because the answer is never "Oh fine, thanks for asking."  I am happy and willing to share the stories, the challenges and the milestones with anyone who asks.  Going from a family of 3 to a family of 7 overnight has challenged us in all the ways you can imagine and some maybe you can't.  We are 2 years into the adjustment and I can report that all the children are healthy and relatively happy to be here.  

Our oldest son, Phillip, is now a freshman at Bellingham HS and is playing his first ever season of football(American style). It is a huge eye-opener for him to play such a physical sport, but the coaches are going slow with him and he seems to enjoy it so far.  He is even more passionate about basketball and hopes to make the high school team when tryouts are held this November.  Although he is very challenged academically, he is determined to succeed so that he can play. Sports are his motivation and thank God he has some natural talent and now lives in a place where he can have the opportunity to participate and challenge himself in athletics.  
Our daughter Michelle has had to adapt to being one of 5 after spending the first 10 years as an only child.  She has excelled in this adjustment by being a loving big sister to her younger siblings.  She likes the energy and chaos that permeates our house daily.  She is an avid reader and 7th grade honor student at Whatcom MS. She is going to play volleyball and basketball this year at Whatcom and has an aptitude for art in different genres.  I cannot express the depth of my love for and pride in this strong young lady.  

Our daughter Karabo is now a 6th grader at Whatcom MS.  She is playing soccer and loves to dance.  She performed a hip-hop dance routine at the Mt. Baker theatre in June this year.  Seeing her on that stage brought tears to Selloane's eyes as she thought of the little malnourished girl from that little village in Lesotho who said to her, "Ke batla ho ea America le uena." (I want to go to America with you.)  It was those words that first prompted my wife and I to even consider adoption, and it was the events immediately following the funeral of her sister that confirmed to us what we were being called to do.  

Our son David is now a 4th grader at Parkview.  He is the one that said he would like to come to America if he could learn how to drive.  He is a wise soul who challenges us constantly with his questions and observations about the world.  He loves to play soccer and basketball.  This summer he found another passion when he performed on stage in a production of My Fair Lady at BAAY.  He told me in the car on the way home from one of the rehearsals, "Daddy, when I am on stage, I feel alive."  My heart soared to hear this from a 9yr old boy born in Lesotho.

Our son Alex is now a 3rd grader at Parkview.  He is the fireball of constant kinetic energy who amazes us with his athleticism and flexibility.  He is fearless on the trampoline and the diving board having learned how to land a front flip off of each this summer.  He plays soccer and basketball and really can't wait to give tackle football a try as soon as he is old enough.  Alex is a very affectionate snuggle bug who gives the best hugs and smiles.  

Action for Africa helped us to collect the money we needed to adopt the children.  They have never left our side and they continue to support these children in so many ways.  It is obviously expensive to support a family of 7 and since my wife is not yet in a position to go back to work, we are left to survive on my solo WTA paycheck.
It is hard.  When Phillip wants to play sports, when Karabo wants to join a dance class, when Michelle wants to go to Firwood, when David and Alex want to be a part of How the Grinch Stole Christmas production, Action for Africa writes the check.  I get what scholarship help and reduced fees that I can, but it is still beyond our means to afford all of the activities our children want and need.  

Therefore, Action for Africa still maintains the "Lesotho Orphan Fund".  This is the same fund that you and many others contributed to in order bring the kids here.   As I said before, these children are forever a part of your own lives and you can continue to support them by donating to Action for Africa and designating your donation to the "Lesotho Orphan Fund". You can contribute online at  Just be sure to designate "Lesotho Orphan Fund" in the notes.

Thanks again for your love and support of our children and helping our dream come true.  

Mike and Selloane Breeding