Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bellingham Traverse 2011 Video

Realized that this "Thanks for participating" video from 2011 Bellingham Traverse was never posted on the blog.  Better late than never!


Monday, September 3, 2012

2013 Bellingham Traverse

Action For Africa is again looking forward to having a strong showing of teams in the Bellingham Traverse.  Saturday Sept 21 is race day.

The Bellingham Traverse is a fun, low stress, 5 leg relay race.  It is for both for "competirs" or "completers".  Details on the race and the course are at:  http://www.recreationnorthwest.org/bellingham-traverse/course/  This will be the forth year Action For Africa teams have participated.  Each of the prior races have been exciting and rewarding.

Participating in the Bellingham Traverse as an Action for Africa team has many unique benefits:
  • The fun of being part of something important -- showing your support for the children and families of Lesotho.
  • A cool (and free) Action for Africa team athletic jersey.
  • An invitation for you, your family and team mates to Action For Africa booth at the finish line after the race.  Snacks and refreshments provided.
  • Access to Action for Africa kayaks for training and/or competition (see http://www.actionforafrica.org/p/kayaks.html for detail)
  • Satisfaction knowing you have helped change the life of a child!
We do you this race as a catalyst for fund raising for Action For Africa.  Participating in the fund raising activity is option.  Please assist in this if you can (more details at fundraise).  Please feel no pressure to do so, our strongest desire is that you participate on an Action For Africa team.

Please register your team at our web site http://www.actionforafrica.org/p/bellingham-traverse.html

If you do not have a team but would like to be placed on a team with other Action For Africa participants, please respond via email to traverse@actionforafrica.org with the race leg (or legs) you would like to do.  We will be happy to help place you on a team.

We are looking forward to seeing you on September 21!