Saturday, September 10, 2011

Breeding Family Update - September 2011

August 7 marked the one year anniversary of our arrival in the USA as a family of 7.  The first year was a whirlwind of activity and transition for all of us.  The house was under renovation for most of the year and still has a few small finishing touches to be done before we can say it is complete.  It is very nice to have the extra space and the additional bathroom, even though there are still turf wars for the privacy time in the kids loo.   The first year of school was a success and all the kids did their best and improved dramatically in their English skills.  Lots of soccer, basketball, and swim lessons preceded the first summer break.  Summer in the PNW was a little cool early but by August the weather turned and we were able to enjoy a family camping trip to Birch Bay where we cooked out, went biking,  kayaking, crabbing, and spent a day at the water slides.

Now we are back in school.  Alex is a 2nd grader, David is a 3rd grader, Karabo is a 5th grader, Michelle is now in 6th and likes being a Middle Schooler.  Phillip is 14 and Selloane and I have decided to Home School him for 8th grade.  Not that we don’t like the school, but we have found that he gets lost in the shuffle and has certain needs that can be better met in a more flexible setting that can cater to him.  This is going to be a big challenge, but one that we feel  is the right thing to do for this young man at this time.
September 5th marked the 2-year anniversary of my sister-in-law’s death.  We honored her and remembered her  in several ways and continue to deal with the loss and grief related to her passing and the huge transition we have all been through.  HIV/AIDS sucks, period.  It is a constant in our lives and we do our best to keep it out in the open and not hidden under the rug or behind the couch.

Action for Africa continues its good work by collaborating with the people of Lesotho to provide the support for life in all its fullness.  We continue to be a part of A4A and on September 17th, three of us will be racing on three different A4A teams in the Bellingham Traverse.  Selloane and I will be on the 1st  leg, running 5.5m, and Phillip will be running 3.5m on the 4th leg.  Hope to see some of you out there!

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