Monday, August 30, 2010

Pepsi could give $10,000 to Breedings - we need your help!

Hi Everyone.

You may have heard about the Pepsi Refresh program that Walton Beverage is supporting. Action For Africa has a legitimate opportunity to be granted up to $10,000 for the support we are giving to the Breeding family.

Funds will be awarded to the Pepsi Refresh entrant that receives the most online votes. Each person can vote up to once per day between now and Sept 6th.

So, would you PLEASE take a moment to register at the following web site:

Please go to this site every day between now and Sept 6 to vote. The specific project you are looking to vote for is titled:

Life support for four AIDS orphans from Lesotho, Africa that are moving to Bellingham in August

Please pass this message on with encouragement to all your friends and family.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sign up your Bellingham Traverse 2010 teams!

Action For Africa's Bellingham Traverse page has just been updated as the Bellingham Traverse 2010 is just around the corner.  Get your team together ASAP by following the directions on the site so you can help us reach our goal of:

  • having at least 100 racers
  • competing on 20 teams
  • raising $1,000/team
  • sending at least $20,000 to Africa

Remember that the more money raised, the higher your chances of scoring one of the corporate sponsor prizes.  Last year an Action For Africa team scored a brand new kayak from REI.  Pretty sweet!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Breedings Are Back!

This is slightly old news now, but the Breedings are back!  Here is the report from Carol, one of the airport escorts:

Hello all, 
Jeff and I drove two vehicles down to Seatac Airport last night to pick up Mike, Selloane and the kids.  What a wonderful and joyous experience! The kids were quiet and wide-eyed--presumably exhausted after 40 hours of travel (and months of anticipation), and overwhelmed by the airport scene and the fact of having arrived so close to their new home.  We shared tearful hugs with Mike and Selloane.  Michelle's best friend and her family were there with signs and small gifts.  One of the little boys said quietly to Selloane, "I think they like us.  They even gave us toys."  Karabo/Patricia looked on the verge of tears the whole time.   After getting all the luggage (not so much really for all the new lives they represented), we found the vehicles and had a tailgate picnic before hitting the road.  In my car, I had Selloane, Khethollo/Phillip (13) and Rethabile/Alex (7).  After seeing the lights of downtown Seattle and a glimpse at the Space Needle, the kids fell asleep.  Jeff and Mike were in the van with Michelle (10), Karobo/Patricia (10) and Rethabile/Alex (7).  Jeff said they all fell asleep too.  (We're not sure what we'll be calling them yet--Selloane said they use both names.)  
Selloane said during the time together in Lesotho, the kids have been talking a lot about their lives before she (and later Mike) got there--during their mother's illness and after her death.  They were on their own and lot, with a little help from relatives.  She and Mike tell them it's good to talk and okay to have feelings.  It seems good that they are processing their loss and hardship.  I'm sure that will continue as now they will adjust to a new life, with family, friends, and community--and no more going hungry and fending for themselves.    
Arriving at their new home in Bellingham was so touching.  Everyone was blown away.  Selloane has been away for 3 1/2 months, Mike and Michelle for 2 1/2 months, and of course for the other 4 kids they were home for the first time.  In my car, when Phillip saw the house, he started grinning and didn't stop for a while.  The house, yard and garden were in beautiful shape.  Lots of loving people put in lots of time and effort to get it ready for the family.  The house is small and simple, but a far cry more than these kids have known, I think.  Everyone has a nicely made bed, there is food in the fridge.  There was a welcome banner, flowers and cards. Neighbors came out to welcome them home.  (The addition to their house is progressing, but not finished yet.  It will add a bedroom and bathroom. Right now, Mike and Selloane have their small room, Michelle and Patricia have their small room, and the three boys have their beds in the living room.  They all share the one bathroom--and the big back yard!)   
We left them at about 11:30 pm to settle in and sleep.  They are a charming and good-looking bunch of kids. We look forward to getting to know them better!