Thursday, June 17, 2010

Breeding Family Update from Lesotho

Below is an upadte from Michael's June 14th e-mail.
We made it to and from Qacha's Nek, spent a wonderful week with the in-laws and conducted some traditions to say farewell for the children, visited the graves of their parents, and generally had a good time.  Here a few photos to remind you all that your mission is on track and as much needed now as ever.  We stopped at the Taung CDP headquaters in Mohale's Hoek to say hi and met this nice gentleman whose name I have already forgotten....shame.  You can see that is was a road trip African style with all the kids piled into the back of the pick-up truck which a good friend here let me borrow! 
Selloane sends her greetings and her love to you all.  It looks as if we will not be arriving on the 26th, repeat, not on the 26th.  The papers are moving and we are hopeful the minister will sign off this week.  Then the lawyer gets his turn to make the adoptions official in court.  Then we get new birth certs and passports for the children with the surname Breeding.  Then we apply for the visas and come home.  Will give you all better dates as soon as I can be sure.
Look to my facebook page, Michael Breeding, for more photos. 
God's will in God's time! 
Peace, Mike

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Breeding update in Lesotho

From Michael on May 31, 2010 1:49:10 AM PDT:
Dear Family and Friends,
Michelle and I arrived in Lesotho on Thursday night after an adventurous car ride from Johannesburg.  Somehow I managed to get onto a dirt road while trying to find a shortcut.  It turned out good though b/c we got to see some wild animals and birds that otherwise we wouldn't have seen on the more traveled hiway. 
We got to the house around 7pm to finally meet our new family and see Selloane after missing her for a month.  It was a happy occasion for everyone.  Now we have been together for a few days and the bonding has begun.  Michelle and her sister have had some adventures together in the village and Michelle's eyes are getting opened big time to see where she really comes from. 
I am very sorry to say that I am unable to download pics at this internet cafe where I am writing from now.  Tomorrow we journey into the mountains and will be out of touch for the next week.  When we get back, I will try again to get a computer where I can download pics of my beautiful family.  The children are all healthy and happy and really excited to have parents and a new sister.  So far, Crazy 8's is the favorite family gets pretty heated and the youngest 2 boys start jumping and dancing on the couch when they win....good times! 
Keep us in your thougts and prayers.  The process goes on, but I still cannot say when we will return exactly.   Hopefully, when we get back from Qacha's Nek, we will get some good news from the lawyer. 
ka khotso(peace)
Mike and family